TRUE NATURE: Grupo KPS's commitment to Amazon Mexico

At KPS we have achieved an extraordinary start to the year, closing 2020 and January 2021 as our best year and month respectively, reaching double-digit growth month after month. We have achieved this thanks to all the people who make up this extraordinary project, from the operational employees, administrative employees, shareholders and especially our clients. Thanks to them we are where we are and we have infinite gratitude for giving us that trust year after year.

At the beginning of January, we are very proud to have formalized an important contract with Amazon Mexico, where KPS will become the exclusive supplier and distributor of its official brand of supplements and vitamins. We have set ourselves the task of developing the branding and identity of this brand and we are pleased to introduce you to TRUE NATURE. This will be made up of a significant investment through KPS. 


TRUE NATURE It will be made up of dozens of products to be launched during 2021, the first will be essential vitamins and multivitamins. We will start Q2 with 6 SKUS of this brand and we will scale production throughout the year. Other products being considered for this project include vitamin gummies, collagen in various forms, and healthy products like Golden Milk. We are very happy, grateful and above all excited to start this project together with Amazon Mexico. Do not miss these products available on Amazon exclusively soon.