Introducing ANAN - The First Sugar Free Elderberry Gummies


During a process of several months of research and development, we have been working to bring to the market what we are proud to present as Anan.

Anan is our concept of healthy sugar free gummies. A necessary and highly demanded proposal in the Mexican market, being the population with the highest rate of people with some type of diabetes, not to mention the high rate of obesity. We have studied that people seek that products do not contain sugar, making the term a taboo.

We are very excited to present the launch of the first Anan SKU. This is an Elderberry-based gummy. Being the first company in Mexico with a product as a nutritional supplement with Elderberry authorized by Cofepris, we feel the responsibility of taking advantage of this element that is not yet on the market. Our value proposition for Anan is as follows: 

Our Elderberry Gummies (Elderberry Fruit) are the first elderberry gummies in Mexico and the first sugar-free, monk fruit-sweetened gummies on the planet.

The Elderberry is a fruit from Europe. It is extremely high in antioxidants and has proven antiviral properties. We incorporate this ingredient in our gummies and reinforce it with ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D3 and Zinc to achieve a powerful and effective combination in strengthening your immune system. 

We are happy to say that our gummies are 100% vegan, as they are made from natural pectin from the fruit. Pectin proactively supports the intestinal flora, a very important part of our immune system.

They are also 100% natural, free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), gluten-free and above all free of added sugars. Our gummies are made to be consumed by people of all ages! 

Not only this, but our gummies ARE DELICIOUS! 

We are very excited about this launch, and you will be able to find Anan in the main self-service chains in the country, along with ecommerce platforms such as with free shipping, Amazon and MercadoLibre.