New Release: MultiBlue - Combining Nature's Most Powerful Ingredients


During the last months we have been working on this joint venture project between Grupo KPS and Immuneti Nutrition. To bring to Mexico and the world an advanced line of multi-vitamin nutritional supplements formulated by prestigious doctors in the United States. 

The launch will take place at the beginning of October 2020 with two products being the multi-vitamin for the immune system 'MultiBlue Immune Ultra' followed by the multi-vitamin for hair, skin and nails' MultiBlue Skin, Hair & Nails. 

These two products were strategically planned by analyzing consumer trends in sources such as Euro Monitor and internal market studies. It was concluded that there is ample opportunity to penetrate this market and achieve leadership in the category through our omnichannel distribution channel.

Both products contain extracts of ingredients with the highest purities and are made in Mexico with the highest quality standards. Below you can see a short video of the production process.