MultiBlue - The fastest growing vitamin brand in Mexico


It started as an opportunity to help the people of Mexico fight Covid-19. Now, this line of multivitamins has expanded into new categories and has a current reach of more than 10,000 points of sale physical!


Launched in 2019, our team worked alongside the renowned Dr. Amy Shah of Harvard University in the United States to develop a unique formula that would have a high level of bioavailability in the body. Bioavailability is the rate at which vitamins, minerals, or nutrients are absorbed by the human body. 


The objective was achieved and we launched the first SKU which had immediate success in the main pharmacy and supermarket chains. There came a time when it was difficult to supply our customers with so much demand. 


Today, MultiBlue has cemented itself as a leading brand in the segment not only with the initial product, but has grown to be a 5-SKU brand with dozens more SKUs in the brand's pipeline. Serving the main categories of the market, this has become the self-service brand with the highest growth year after year in the country. We are very happy with the performance and passion with which our team and business partners have achieved the positioning of this brand and we are excited to continue this path from Mexico to the world.