The Entry of Bloom Nutrition to Mexico and Latin America

After many months of planning, we are pleased to announce that Grupo KPS will be the official distributor of BloomNutrition in Mexico and Latin America. 

Part of our philosophy is to offer the best products in the world. Bloom has had the trajectory of a rocket with velocities that there is no indication that it is going anywhere but up. The values ​​of both the founders and the brand go hand in hand with Grupo KPS and we are excited to join the project. 

This innovative brand came about after Mari, the co-founder of Bloom, decided to change her life. 

Bloom is a women-founded health and wellness brand with high-quality, easy-to-use supplements that complement any fitness journey. With affordable, flavor-focused products, we can give people the tools to give them the confidence they need to blossom into their best selves!

At 113kg, Mari, the co-founder, hit rock bottom, both mentally and physically. She decided to take charge of her health and, with the help of her now-husband, Greg, she was able to lose 40 pounds and finally find her self-love. Living healthy helped Mari become her best self, and she was inspired to help other women do the same.

Like many women new to living a healthy, active life, Mari struggled to find health supplements with high-quality ingredients that taste great. Thus Bloom was born: affordable and delicious health supplements designed to fuel your fitness journey and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to flourish. 

They are now redefining the healthcare space and wellness with effective and easy-to-use health supplements.

“Our goal at Bloom is to give every woman the chance to blossom into her best version of herself! “

Bloom will reach Latin American lands starting with Mexico. Specifically in Mexico City with a big launch. The headquarters of this exclusive event will take place at the prestigious Four Seasons hotel through a brunch in which we will welcome health enthusiasts, friends of the brand and opinion leaders in Mexico. 

Look out for the release this fall.