KPS secures a contract with Farmacias San Pablo to develop the 'Al Natural' brand


You would have to be living under a rock not to appreciate how Farmacias San Pablo has beaten the pharmaceutical industry in Mexico. With a unique business model, ambitious expansion plans and, above all, a first-rate human capital workforce - These are just some of the things that make this company one of the companies with the greatest impact and growth within the Pharmaceutical industry in the country.


We are proud to be part of this story of growth and Mexican business success. Our commitment to them is solid and our vision with them is for many years to come as our values ​​are aligned.


We are pleased to share that we will be developing together with Farmacias San Pablo its private label brand 'Al Natural'. This project will launch with a line of sugar free vitamin gummies - the first of its kind for a leading pharmacy private label brand. It took our team months of working together with San Pablo to develop a unique gummy that is not only nutritious but also delicious!


We are very committed to continue working with Farmacias San Pablo, who has become a key business partner for our group. We hope this is only the beginning of even greater things and we are infinitely grateful for their attention and the quality of their people.


You can find the 'Al Natural' gummies at your nearest San Pablo pharmacy. Coming soon!