Introducing FemWell: FemTest. The first product in the FemWell line for women's health care

FemTest: get accurate results 3 days before your periods

Pregnancy test strips are considered the easiest and most convenient method of confirming pregnancy. However, they can also be incredibly unreliable and can trigger a false alarm that can turn your whole life upside down. If you really want to have a baby or if you are anxious to get pregnant in the dark of night. The precision of the results is extremely important to get the peace of mind you want.

With that thought in mind, we present FemTest, the best pregnancy test that offers increased comfort and superior precision. FemTest has been designed to overcome the challenges faced by mass produced pregnancy test strips that provide inaccurate results.

In this age of modern advancement and innovation, pregnancy testing should be easier, more convenient, and more accurate. FemTest is here to change that and help you get accurate results to help you avoid trying dozens of pregnancy tests and ultimately wind up with the gynecology room.

FDA approved pregnancy test

FemTest has been made in California, with strict quality control and compliance with modern scientific standards. It has been designed by female researchers in Spain to guarantee superior detection and accurate results. The design has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of the millennial population.

Millennial women seek superior precision and faster results, and FemTest has been designed to offer a pregnancy test that offers greater comfort. The winning millennium design has been approved by an FDA certificate. It has the ability to detect pregnancy up to 3 days before the expected period. This makes it much easier for young women to make crucial life decisions and avoid the trauma that occurs with an unwanted pregnancy.

It allows women the peace of mind that comes from accurate results and the opportunity to get their results within the privacy of their homes. Taking a pregnancy test has never been so easy. The box comes with a 1-step pregnancy strip, and also comes with an instruction and usage manual. Users can follow the simple instructions written in the manual to perform the test.

FemTest's most innovative feature is its ability to deliver accurate results 3 days before your period. It is an unmatched product, seeking to improve comfort and precision with an FDA approved millennium-centered design. Eliminate the challenges of getting accurate results too early in pregnancy.