Bloom Nutrition CDMX Launch Event

We are very happy to have shared an unforgettable afternoon in CDMX presenting Bloom together with the Bloom Nutrition teams, San Pablo Farmacias together with the community! 

After much planning, we spent a very pleasant afternoon at the Four Seasons in Mexico City, where the 2 launch items were presented: Bloom Greens Mango and Red Fruit flavors. The event consisted of several dynamics and activations. The afternoon began with a presentation where Greg and Leo, co-founders of Bloom, explained a little about their history and vision for the brand. This was followed by brief presentations from the management teams of Grupo KPS and San Pablo Farmacias. Afterwards, a professional nutritionist talked about the ingredients inside Bloom and its benefits. 

After the talks, guests had the opportunity to taste the two flavors in popsicles, smoothies and mocktails which were prepared on the spot. There was also a photo booth and a station to personalize thermoses with the brand's branding.


It was a warm and pleasant coexistence where it was possible to coexist with the community and make the product known. You can now find Bloom in both presentations at San Pablo Farmacias, both in its physical branches and in its e-commerce.